January isn’t over yet, and if you are like us, then you have been pushing yourself to keep up with those New Year’s Resolutions.

Did you make a resolution this year? Did you make a resolution, but let it fall to the wayside already? Or, are you thriving in setting goals, creating plans, and feeling success? 

This year Blue Oak Properties has set goals that are focused on gaining opportunities for growth and connection.

We aren’t trying to get to the gym, or lose those extra Christmas Cookie pounds. We aren’t vowing to give up gluten, or to only eat organic. Those are great goals, but over time, they can get lost in wind without lack of dedication.

This got us thinking. How can we be successful in 2018? How can we reach our goals without losing faith? How can we deal with failures and disappointments?

There are numerous studies available for anyone who is curious to read why New Year’s resolutions flop after a few weeks.

We say Bah Humbug! It is statistics like that, that keep people stuck! The comfort of knowing that more than 90% of the people who make a resolution will not make it past 3 weeks, is almost like giving yourself a free pass to not stick with your goals.

Well, our Team here at Blue Oak Properties, does not want to brush off another failed New Year’s resolution; and we bet you don’t either, so let’s help each other.

As January comes to a close, I urge you to take a look at your 2018 goals or resolutions and ask yourself if you are following your passion. If you are here are a few tips to keep you on track:

• Create a plan.
• Ask for help and support.
• Recognize success doesn’t always look pretty.
• Take all your slips, trips, and falls along the way as learning lessons.
• Don’t give up on yourself.
• Acknowledge that the fear of success is just as real as the fear of failure.


Who’s ready to take on the year of manifestation with us?